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5 Reasons to Choose CIVIC
Celine Orabi
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5 Reasons to Choose CIVIC

What are the Benefits of a Dedicated Infusion Therapy Service Provider?

Infusible and injectable therapies treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. CIVIC uses these therapies to treat many of these including Immune Deficiencies, Asthma, Crohn's, Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and more. Previously, these therapies were limited to being administered in a hospital setting, but now patients have the option to an array of infusion services such as visiting infusion offices or recruiting home infusion services.

So, what are the benefits of a dedicated infusion therapy service provider?

Safety and consistency

CIVIC Infusion uses advanced technology to provide you with a safe, easy, and enjoyable infusion experience. Unlike at-home treatment services, where a nurse will manually administer the infusion, CIVIC uses programmed pumps to provide you with a safe and consistent infusion every visit. There is no uncertainty with how long your visit will take at CIVIC; it will be the same amount of time, every time. Additionally, our healthcare staff will get to know you, and you will be treated by the same people each time while, in comparison, at-home services will often send you a different staff member every time.

Personalized care

CIVIC Infusion ensures that your treatment at one of our offices is tailored to meet your individual needs. Hospital systems offer a wide range of services, and it gets easy for patients to get lost in the midst of it all. At CIVIC, focused healthcare professionals have more flexibility to fully understand the needs of the patient. Our healthcare staff takes the time to get to know you on a personal level and develop a customized care plan; we want to be a part of your wellness.

Increased comfort

CIVIC Infusion focuses only on administering biologic drugs. Because of this, we are more comfortable and personal than a hospital. We understand that your infusion may take multiple hours of your day, so we take every action to make the duration of your stay as comfortable as possible with kind, personable staff, snacks, comfortable recliners, and entertainment.

Greater flexibility

CIVIC's offices allow you to book your appointment ahead of time, so you can schedule your therapy when it is most convenient for you. CIVIC is also open on Saturdays, allowing for greater flexibility for working patients who cannot come in on a typical Monday-Friday workweek. Receiving treatment in a hospital setting will often limit a patient to the nursing staff's administration schedule.

Cost efficiency

Treatment in a CIVIC office can be 5-8x less expensive than receiving that same treatment in a hospital setting. The exact same medications, administered with the exact same method, can be incredibly more costly. Additionally, insurance companies are forcing patients to look for alternative sites of care for the reason of cost. CIVIC infusion is an economical solution that reduces much of the burden of the cost of specialty medications to the health care system.

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