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A Note from the Medical Director to our Healthcare Workers

Dear CIVIC team:

As we enter the new year, it's a time for reflection and giving thanks. Twenty-twenty has brought us many challenges and changed so many lives. I am incredibly grateful for our wonderful staff and nurses who have handled the COVID 19 crisis without skipping a beat. Your long hours of hard work and dedication continue to provide a "best in class" service to our infusion community. 

This past year has not been easy.  In just two years, CIVIC is shaping the way care is provided to chronic disease patients and their family members.  Our administrative staff and nursing team's combined efforts have made anxious patients feel at ease and safe during an unprecedented time in medicine.  

You have all played a huge role in fulfilling CIVIC's mission of providing the highest quality Infusion care in an office-based setting; a unique treatment level that is not currently seen in the home or hospital infusion environment. This sentiment was recently expressed to me by several patients who had changed sites and are now CIVIC patients.  They were so appreciative and quite impressed by the level of care they are receiving from CIVIC.

With the new year, there are so many people to thank. You have all given our patients (our CIVIC family) hope for a brighter future ahead. We are providing our patients with outstanding care in a setting of healing, compassion, and recovery. Please know that you can be very proud that you have made a significant difference in someone's life every day. I thank you all for that.

Here's to a happy, healthy year and all the best for our continued growth and success in twenty-twenty-one.


Robert M. Roteman, MD

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