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CIVIC as an alternative to Home Infusion Therapy
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CIVIC as an alternative to Home Infusion Therapy

CIVIC is a safer and higher quality alternative to Home Infusion Therapy

CIVIC is not a home infusion provider company. In fact, CIVIC is the only free standing infusion center in the Southwestern CT area. CIVIC is the cost effective solution for Infusion services in the greater Fairfield and Westchester counties area.

"Home" infusion is being highly scrutinized these days. Many states across the nation are concerned about the following:

  1. Careful evaluation of the willingness and the ability of the patient, caregiver, or both, to begin and continue therapy.

  2. Medication greater and faster in infusion& therapy than with oral treatments. Providers must therefore take steps to ensure that "patients" can recognize the signs and symptoms of an emergency reaction.

  3. Providers then must ensure that patients have the appropriate infrastructure in the home to store equipment, drugs, and supplies(in a sterile environment) to provide therapy.

  4. Home providers must also have emergency support services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of an adverse drug reaction or to troubleshoot any problems with equipment such as Infusion pumps.

  5. Accrediting organizations have also noted that Home Infusion providers may not have staff with the appropriate training and competencies, which may be a challenge for small organizations. Also (and very importantly) they may inadequately coordinate care for patients who receive multiple medications and have multiple physicians.

  6. Officials from one accrediting organization stated that Home Infusion providers may not always meet documentation and planning requirements for accreditation. These officials stated the top two deficiencies for Home Infusion companies are incomplete plans of care and a lack of a comprehensive quality improvement program.

  7. None of this is a concern in a center totally devoted to patient care with board certified M.D.s and Infusion specialized certified Nursing staff.

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