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CIVIC Welcomes Greg Cole Jr., Business Development
Celine Orabi
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CIVIC Welcomes Greg Cole Jr., Business Development

CIVIC welcomes Greg Cole Jr. to our team in Business Development!

Greg attributes his success within his business development career to his background as an athlete. Greg is a natural leader and developed these skills further at both the high school and collegiate levels. Greg says, “the art of effective communication, desire to out-work your opponent, and understanding that no great reward comes before hard work and sacrifice are just a few things I have learned through sports and helped shape who I am today.”

Greg has been in sales and business development for the majority of his career, about 20 years, starting by working for the department of works and later working for the well-known company, Cutco. Greg’s first true business development role was in the telecommunications field in the mid-2000s. From there he learned “the best way to provide a solution is to have a firm understanding of the market, challenges that are being faced, and uncovering what customers/prospects common goals are, in order to help them best reach their goals.” Greg has also worked within the banking, marketing, and healthcare industries giving him a wide range of knowledge. Greg has a passion for finding creative ways to assist business achieve their goals.

In his spare time, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, doing anything basketball-related, and listening to music.

Greg loves that CIVIC has an extreme focus on delivering patients a safe, convenient, and affordable solution to their infusion treatments.

Each day Greg is passionate about getting the word out to Physicians and patients respectively. Greg says “I truly believe in the value that we add providing better patient outcomes. In addition to our focus on providing patients with top-notch clinical care, CIVIC does an amazing job partnering with physicians as an extension to their practices.” Greg hopes to make CIVIC a household name and wants to see the significant impact CIVIC has on our patients’ lives.



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