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Site of Care Management in Independent Infusion Centers
Amanda McDonald
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Site of Care Management in Independent Infusion Centers

Defining Site of Care Management

Site of care management, also known as site of service optimization, is important because costs for the same treatment can vary widely depending on where the care is administered.  Site of care optimization simply means having a strategy to seek out and promote the most economical and clinically effective place to deliver care for a particular patient.  Site of care optimization is often the largest savings opportunity in specialty drug management.

Research Findings

The high cost-savings potential for site of care management would seem to make it a mandatory strategy for payers, but most employers and insurers have still not implemented site of care management prescription drug strategies.  One study found that 75% of employers have not implemented a site of care management strategy for prescription drugs.  Another survey looking at insurance plans found that, while use is growing, still fewer than half currently have such a program.

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