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CIVIC would like to welcome you!​

Checking In

​Please check in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment if you have your forms completed or 30 minutes if you have not completed your forms.  Don't forget your insurance card and a photo id!​

​Patient Forms​

Please complete the following forms before your first appointment:

Please call with any questions  203.883.0038​

We are here to make the infusion process, which we know can be overwhelming to patients, as simple as possible.  Our CIVIC team approaches each patient with knowledge and expertise, kindness and compassion and most importantly, with safety and physician oversight.  ​

Request an Appointment​

CIVIC welcomes new, physician-referred patients!   To streamline your request, make sure your physician has submitted the prescription for your treatment.​

Need to schedule or reschedule your next appointment?  Please call 203.883.0038​